Net II

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Net II is a series of sets containing ergonomically curved worktops for added comfort and flexibility. It is a must have for today’s dynamic environment.
Set of 30 items inclusive of:
NLC 801 X 6 Units
Low Cabinet
800W X 430D X 690mmH
NTP 800 X 4 Units
Cabinet Top Panel
800W X 450D X 25mmT
NLCD 661-2 X 4 Units
Low Cabinet Right & Left Door
661W X 797D X 18mmT
NMC 803 X 2 Units
Medium Cabinet
800W X 430D X 1355mmH



NLCD 1991-2 X 4 Units
High Cabinet Right & Left Door
1991W X 797D X 18mmT
NRMT 1000 X 1 Unit
Round Meeting Table
1000Ø X 750mmH
NFD 802 X 1 Unit
Low Cabinet with 2 Filling Drawers
800W X 450D X 690mmH
NTP 2406 X 1 Unit
Cabinet Top Panel
1628W X 456D X 25mmT
N2 421L X 1 Unit
Ergonomic Table
1800W X 1200D X 750mmH
NLD 402 X 1 Unit
Low Cabinet with 4 Drawers
400W X 450D X 690mmH
NCB 40 X 1 Unit
Cabinet Base
400W X 430D X 60mmH
NTP 400 X 1 Unit
Cabinet Top Panel
400W X 450D X 25mmT
NKT 608 X 1 Unit
Connection Top
600W X 800D X 25mmT
NML 720 X 1 Unit
Metal Leh
75ø X 730mmH
NMP 582 X 1 Unit
Mobile Pedestal with 2 Drawers
406W X 550D X 585mmH
Colour Option:
Light Grey
Melamine Board


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