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You can create the sophisticated workstation you've always wanted to and still be part of the team. The Biz Series offers the open office concept while keeping the acoustical privacy needed by dividing the workstation with durable screen panels.


Set of 22 items inclusive of:

801 X 4 Units
90º Workstation 
1200/1200W X 600D X 750mmH

814 X 4 Units
Screen Panel
1150W X 400D X 18mmT


817 X 4 Units
Connection Top
1220W X 510D X 750mmH
  828 X 4 Units
Medium Cabinet
800W X 400D X 1190mmH
  833 X 4 Units
Sanded Glass Door with Aluminium Frame
794W X 1160D X 20mmT
838 X 2 Units
Cabinet Top Panel
1606W X 424H X 25mmT
Colour Options:
  Maple               Faggio Beech    Dark Grey
Material: Melamine Board


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