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(ZEA Set 01)

Zen Collections are a group of bedroom furniture inspired bu Nature and it's serenity. The design blends onto any homes creating tranquility at the end of a busy day. Build with sustainable resources and carefully selected materials, ZEN will be your companion for many nights to come.
Set of 7 items inclusive of:



ZEA-CHQ X 1 Unit
Queen Bed
1890W X 150D X 630mmH
ZEA-BFQ X 1 Unit
Queen Bed Frame with 2 Storage Drawers
1980W X 2D X 650mmH



ZEA-2A X 2 Units
Bedside Table with 2 Drawers
700W X 450D X 528mmH
ZEA-5 X 1 Unit
Dressing Table with Central Pull Out Tray
1385W X 520D X 816mmH

ZEA-6 X 1 Unit
Dressing Bench wi
1200W X 600D X 425mmH

ZEM-WM X 1 Unit
Wall Mirror (Can be hung up and horizontal)
750W X 1100D X 21mmT
Colour Options:
Modi Oak         Modi Oak / Ivory
Material: Melamine Board, Leather & Fabric
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