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Living Room Collection
Casa Living CL-02
Cozy entertainment center for large and small grou, living room is a place for all of us, where we can share the family's laughter and planning together. Whether your living room is casual and all about comfort, formal, elegant, retreat, TA offers a number of appetizing collections to add just the right flavor to your home.
Set of 12 items inclusive of:


#2 X 3 Units
Open Cabinet
450W X 400D X 790mmH
#20 X 2 Units
446W X 18T X 362mmH
#41 X 1 Unit
Conner Unit
705W X 705D X 790mmH
#19 X 2 Units
Drawer Box
446W X 368D X 360mmH
#45 X 1 Unit
TV Bench with 4 pcs Metal Leg
1000W X 590D X 318mmH

#47 X 1 Unit
Top Elements for TV Cabinet
1000W X 590D X 182mmH

#13 X 1 Unit
Open Storage
800W X 400D X 1520mmH
#39 X 1 Unit
Clear Class Door
796W X 18T X 1454mmH
Colour Options:
Mapple  Faggio Beech  Mahogany
Material: Melamine Board
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