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Bedroom Collection
Casa Mono CM-01
There's one place where the style is all your own! Your intuitions are free to run from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Create the peaceful of your dreams with distinct designs from our bedroom collections. Whatever your personal style, sweet dreams begin with TA. Rest assured knowing we build superior craftsmanship and quality into every piece..
Set of 19 items inclusive of:
#17 X 1 Unit
800W X 590D X 1883mmH
#36 X 1 Unit
796W X 18T X 1817mmH
#1 X 2 Units
Open Cabinet
450W X 400D X 428mmH
#19 X 3 Units
Drawer Set
446W X 368D X 360mmH
#65 X 1 Unit
Single Bed
960W X 1995D X 725mmH
#2 X 2 Units
Open Cabinet
450W X 400D X 790mmH
#21 X 2 Units
Wooden Door
446W X 18T X 1090mmH


#41 X 1 Unit
Corner Unit
705W X 705D X 790mmH
#3 X 1 Unit
Open Cabinet
280W X 290D X 1520mmH
#48 X 1 Unit
Hanging Unit
1000W X 290D X 392mmH
#55 X 1 Unit
1000W X 700D X 750mmH
#62 X 1 Unit
CPU Holder
280W X 450D X 175mmH
#5 X 1 Unit
Open Cabinet
450W X 400D X 1520mmH



#27 X 1 Unit
Glass Doors
446W X 18T X 1454mmH
Colour Options:
Mapple  Faggio Beech  Mahogany
Material: Melamine Board


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