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SOHO Office Collection
Casa Office CF-05
TA offers you a profitable combination of style and sensibility, exceptionally functional and remarkably lovely. Casa Study accommodates with multiple CPUs, printers and peripherals, purposely designed for achievement. Our smart, built in storage solutions eliminate clutter and ensure an efficient workspace that's built for both comfort and speed.
Set of 12 items inclusive of:
#4 X 2 Units
Open Cabinet
450W X 400D X 1520mmH
#20 X 2 Units
446W X 18T X 362mmH
#19 X 2 Units
Drawer Set
446W X 368D X 360mmH
#51 X 1 Unit
Hutch for Table
1000W X 290D X 770mmH
#56 X 1 Unit
1400W X 700D X 750mmH
#63 X 1 Unit
Fixed Pedestal with 2 Drawers
560W X 290D X 40mmH
#14 X 1 Units
Open Storage
800W X 400D X 1883mmH
#32 X 1 Unit
Diamond Top
800W X 800D X 25mmT
#30 X 1 Unit
Drawer Set
796W X 368D X 360mmH
Colour Options:
Mapple  Faggio Beech  Mahogany
Material: Melamine Board


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