Hulk Director

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HUK DR-225 HB x 1 Unit, HUK HC-200-WG HB x 2 Units, HUK HC-204-OP HB x 1 Unit

The New Hulk Director Series is characterized by extremely clean line and strong personality, featuring a pleasant environment with a stylish combination between old and new aesthetic trends with minimal design.

Set of 4 items inclusive of:
HUK DR-225 HB X 1 Unit
Director Desk with Side Return (Universal)
2250W X 1800D x 755mmH


HUK HC-200-WG HB X 2 Units,
Height Storage Cupboard with Wooden Doors & Glass Doors
800W X 412D x 2003mmH


HUK HC-204-OP HB X 1 Unit
Height Storage Cupboard
400W X 412D x 2003mmH
Colour Option:
Maple / Modi Oak         Modi Oak
Material: Melamine Board
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