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This is a concept addressed to all levels of working environment provate office spaces, open space areas and executive offices. A basic platform with the potential to develop into a highly sophisticated workstations and providing storage capacity close at hand, but without detracting from your desk space. The ergonomic stylish of the range ensures that the users comfortability comes first, while intelligent cable management helps to create a tidy workspace.

SMT-P CO2-140: 2112W X 2290D X 1470mmH

  Components Model No Quantity
A     Worksurface SMTP-WSF 2 pcs
B Pedestal SMTP-PDL 2 pcs
C Metal Leg SMTP-SLG 2 pcs
D Pinboard (2pcs / set) SMTP-PBD 2 pcs
E Bookcase Divider SMTP-BCD 1 pcs
F Retic Cabinet for Spine  SMTP-RCS 1 pc
G Horizontal Retic Spine SMTP-HRS       
1 pc
 H Retic Leg for Spine SMTP-RLS 1 pc
 I Locked Cabinet SMTP-LCT 2 pcs
 J Mail Cabinet SMTP-MCT 1 pc
 K White Board SMTP-WBP 2 pcs
 L Credenza SMTP-CDZ 2 pcs
  L-Bracket   10 pcs
Colour Option:
Faggio Beech      
Material: Melamine Board


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